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RIVERMOMENTS are profound self-care ceremonies created by me, Helena Igel (Psychologist, Breathwork- & Wombwork facilitator, and Tantra teacher) to guide you back to your inner river, and surrender to its effortless flow.

The ceremonies are a combination of breathwork, yoga, and energywork. So, you are invited to feel the body, release stuck physical, emotional, and energetical tension. Meet the ever-changing currents, and sink into your river to cleanse and clear anything that is ready to be carried away by the stream. Come back refreshed and aligned to your essential qualities like inspiration, love, and trust!

Welcome in this empowering, honest, and loving space! Be invited to come as you are, and flow with your unfolding stream.
A conscious space to take energetical hygiene and reconnect to your deeper knowing.

Here is my introduction from last RIVERMOMENTS:


This is what awaits you!

Helena Igel Integrated Tantra


GROUND & CONNECT at the shore:
  • Ground yourself & listen inside
  • Set an intention
  • Transformational movement (shaking, dancing…)
RELEASE & FLOW in the river:
  • Healing breathwork
  • Wombwork
  • Authentic expression
  • Dive into unity
  • Relax and nourish your nervoussystem
INTAGRATE on the riverbank:
  • Journaling
  • Ground yourself again
  • Sharing

Why do we need RIVERMOMENTS?

Living from the head has short term advantages. Yet, you know that listening to your heart and making space for your womb’s wisdom is the key for living in connection, purpose, and trust. 

When we feel the body more – physically, emotionally, and energetically – it can be overwhelming at times to feel so much and go through those clean-up-old-shit-processes. We can get lost in the waves of life, or try to run from the waters.

 If you are working with people as a psychologist, energyworker, yoga instructor,… Rivermoments is perfect for you to take care of your emotional hygiene!

Breathe, Relax, You are already There!


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