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Uncover the transformative power of your Breath!

To find a sense of empowerment, connection, and self-acceptance…

…we need to truly feel our present feelings. Yet, we often have an idea of which feeling is good (e.g. joy) and which is bad (e.g. frustration), and we love to hold on to feelings, or rather run from them, suppress, or ignore them. Difficult situations in our past (birth, Childhood, teenager years etc.) left imprints in our system and are stored in our subconscious.* The feelings pop up again through triggers (e.g. someone criticizing you; your lover not answering the call; being late for a yoga class), often leaving us confused, and distanced. And, believe me, cognitive behavioural therapy only won’t solve the triggers. Breathwork helps us to access the subconscious. So, we can find the roots of those triggers, and release the stuck emotion, and limiting beliefs that comes with it.

(*Spoiler: your imprints are often not only from your lifetime, but also generational Trauma stored in your DNA)

To find a sense of empowerment, connection, and self-acceptance…

…we need to truly feel our present feelings. Breathwork and Coaching with Helena can support you in this!

Breathwork helps you...

Helena Igel Coach and Breathwork
  • Release stuck emotions (sadness, anger, fear, shame, depression etc.), as well as accepting ‘negative’ emotions
  • Cultivating less stress (physically, mentally, and emotionally)
  • Deepen self-love, confidence and self-acceptance
  • Heal unintegrated Trauma (childhood trauma, birth trauma, unhealthy relationships etc.)
  • Find forgiveness and letting go
  • In self-empowerment and to expand your mindset of what is possible for you
  • Remember and align to your true nature
  • We start with a grounding meditation
  • Then, we check in on what’s alive in you in that moment
  • Based on what you would like to uncover in yourself, I guide you through setting an intention and formulating an empowering affirmation!
  • I explain to you the breathing technique
  • You breathe, I hold space!
  • You let go, flow, and heal, while coming back over and over again to your body and your healing intention
  • … Every session is different: Release anger and tears,  space out in creativity, or integrate intense processes
  • We land back in the space, integrate, and check in
  • You have time to journal

Hey, I am Helena, passionate
explorer of this human life... I invite you into conscious spaces!

Yoga and meditation helped me connect deeply to myself.

When I started breathwork I felt ‘breathless’ about the transformative power the breath captures… and, it is always here. It has always been! 

I learned to live from a place of more authenticity, ownership of myself, and well-being. I healed parts of myself (and the imprints of generations before) through the breath. And I would love that everyone can experience this!

I am holding space in conscious spaces. The focus is on being true with yourself, releasing and transforming inner blockages, and make space to remember your essence.

Accredited Psychologist (MSc), Coach, Yogateacher, Breathwork facilitator, Tantra teacher, and Wombwork facilitator. 

Therapist Breathwork Groningen

Breathe, Relax, You are already There!

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  • Individually crafted
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    + Breathwork
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  • 2h
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  • 1 on 1
  • 1h
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Breathwork is a powerful tool for transformational inner work. I focus on conscious connected Breathwork that empowers you to surrender into your being. The breath activates unconscious parts in ourselves, that we can integrate, release, and transform.

Every participant has a unique experience. You get what you need. Clarity, Release, Rest, Energyactivation…!

My Coaching is a mix of psychological tools, energywork, breathwork, and my undivided attention to hold space for you!

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Together with Ruben, we facilitate Tantric workshops and retreats.

Tantra practices become more and more relevant. We make space for the Truth within, and practice to communicate them to the ones around, and live accordingly. We connect to our unique flow of energy through movement, breathing, touch, words, in order to surrender deeper to who we are!

Find out more here https://www.integratedtantra.com/

3x per year I give retreats with Ruben, otgether we create Integrated Tantra spaces where we will dive into the topics ‘Intimacy’, ‘Alive & Desire’, ‘Dark & Shadowwork’ . Read all information here integratedtantra.com

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