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As the days grow shorter and the nights longer upcoming Fall, I invite you to join me and other sisters INTO THE DARK! On this 8-week course, you will strengthen your intuitive power, move into authentic embodiment, and anchor in truthful self-love. ❤️‍🔥
Into the Dark… Because within your innermost unknown depths lies the key to truthful and fulfilled living.

This is what awaits you!

Ademwerk Groningen
Topics that will be covered in the course:

♾️ Deep Intuition & Womb Work: Surrender and strengthen the connection to your intuition, and experience your (energetical) Womb as the portal to wisdom and healing.
💃 Shameless Embodiment: Create inner safety, embrace your body as she is, and move inspired by your inner river! Let it be clumsy, juicy, real…
🩸 Your Cycle – Your Guide: Understand and honor your menstrual cycle, using it as a guide for surrendered action, and self-care throughout the month.
🫂 Forgiving and unifying the Masculine and the Feminine: Move towards building a sacred union within yourself by forgiving and healing your relationships with both masculine and feminine energies. Oh, daddy and mama issues, let’s face you!
🙏 Shadow Work and healing Sisterhood: Engage in radical honesty within this supportive sisterhood, and integrate suppressed parts of yourself to bring them back home!
🕯️Tantric Rituals: Meditate, breathe and dive into Tantric rituals that you can also take into your own space to maintain this profound self-and-soul-connection.
🥰 Radical Self-Love: Cultivate compassion, and anchor in a committed and accepting relationship with yourself. Rise into natural, empowered alignment.
♥️ Sacred Sensuality: Experience the joy, healing and pleasure of being fully present in your body, and cultivate a deeper connection to your inner sensual energy.

* The program for the evenings will be a combination of these topics, based on the energy and formation of the group.

About me, Helena Igel

Helena Igel, Co-founder of Integrated Tantra, Psychologist, and Breath- and wombwork healer, since 2019. This work that I share has profoundly supported me to embody myself from a place of knowing and authentic power. I can’t wait to guide you through this transformative journey, combining my expertise of the different healing areas with my compassionate presence, and purposeful embodiment. My biggest ecstasy really is to see you in your radiance!

Read more about Integrated Tantra here: www.integratedtantra.com


  • Try out: 2 October New moon womb gathering (Click here)
  • Thursdays: 31 Oct, 7, (14), 21, 28 Nov, 5, 12, 19 Dec
  • Time: 19-22h
  • Location: Edanz (Studio 3), Groningen

    * 14 Nov you will do an Integration & guided at-home practice and I will be on a Tantra Retreat.


My values

My creations, including these sessions, are anchored in the values of Truth, natural Transformation, Care & Support, and Empowerment. You are invited to come as you are, every evening anew. I am very aware that we, especially as carriers of the Womb, change every day. So please share your raw self, and from there we will move together!

*Trauma & Nervous System informed
*If you are not able to connect to your physical Womb, you can still participate and work with your energetical Womb

Join me, Elina (powerful assistant) and other sisters on this profound experience, uncover the dark, and nourish your natural radiance.

Sign up on Hipsy, or if you want to have an intake moment, or have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out!

Warm hugs, Helena Igel


Tantra, as I approach it, is about embracing all aspects of yourself and life. It involves deepening your connection to your inner wisdom, exploring your sensual and emotional landscapes, and integrating mind, body, and spirit. This course will introduce you to these concepts in a supportive and accessible way, helping you to cultivate a more profound and fulfilling relationship with yourself and everything around you. If you want to read more about Tantra, you can read this article made by Ruben, my trusted partner and co-creator of Integrated Tantra.

The practices and insights gained from the course can be taken into your daily routines to enhance self-care, alignment, and emotional balance. I know that sometimes it is hard to translate what you learned in the course to everyday life. That’s why you will receive home practices like journal prompts, meditations, and partner practices to support your growth and integration.

Yes, you can book private healing sessions with me. There we will take special time for you to cleanse your energy, remove blockages, and tap into deeper knowing. 

 Bring comfortable clothes, a journal, altar objects if you want, and a water bottle. In one session, you are asked to bring clothes that make you feel beautiful and that you wouldn’t wear any other day. Any additional materials needed will be communicated before the sessions. 

That’s unfortunate but can happen! If you know before, please let me know and we can find an alternative for you to practice. Also, please check for yourself if the reason that you don’t want to come is because of inner sabotage (aka Ego wanting to stay covered). In that case, please come or reach out to me 🙂

One of my core-values is Truth, especially that everyone should be safe enough to live their truth. So when you show up and you don’t want to be social, that is totally fine. If you feel like you could hug the world, that is even fine! We start with a truthful check-in to know where everyone is and if there are special things that need to be shared.

Yes, this is totally respected in the course. The hormonal cycle that I refer to is like the cycle of the seasons that everyone can relate to. So you can still participate and see how this fruits for you. Yet, if you would like guidance on how to live hormone-free, you can message me, I might have some supportive connections who can help to get into and flow with a natural cycle. 

Absolutely, let’s find a moment to meet on zoom and feel if we are a match! Book your session here: https://calendly.com/helena-igel

Feel free to reach out to me at mail@integratedtantra.com. I’m here to support you and answer any questions you may have!

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